Live Lean 15: 15 Minute Bodyweight Follow Along Home Workout Videos

Get RESULTS that will make you look GREAT and feel even BETTER, in just 15 minutes at home!

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You're about to experience the MOST EFFECTIVE, 15 minute BODYWEIGHT workouts EVER!

The Live Lean 15 bodyweight video workout system is now ready for you to own.

In the comfort of your own home, you'll be training right along side the creator of Live Lean 15, the host of Live Lean TV, and the #1 expert on living lean, Brad Gouthro.

The Live Lean 15 bodyweight workout system provides your body with the best of both worlds:

  • BURNING STUBBORN BODY FAT and BUILDING LEAN MUSCLE at the same time...using just your bodyweight.

Live Lean 15 was created using science-based, metabolic workout design principles to FIRE UP your metabolism and increase the AFTERBURN EFFECT.

Not only will you be TORCHING CALORIES during the 15 minute workouts, the Live Lean 15 workout system was strategically designed to maximize the Afterburn Effect, thus BLASTING CALORIES even after your workout is over!

That's what makes this the most effective and time efficient bodyweight workout system ever!

The 7 workouts are designed using full body circuits.

Each workout you'll be working every single muscle in your body.

With these fun workouts, your adrenaline will be pumping, you'll be looking awesome, and you'll be feeling even better.

The 7 Metabolic Circuit Workouts Will Help You:

  • DESTROY MORE CALORIES even AFTER youre finished working out! Numerous studies including one from the Journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, shows people that follow higher intensity style workouts, like those in LIVE LEAN 15, will burn calories at a much higher rate for many hours AFTER the workout is over.
  • LOSE FAT FASTER - up to 40% MORE! Building muscle leads to an increased metabolism. An increased metabolism leads to more calorie burn. Even better, studies are showing that combining resistance training workouts in a "metabolic" circuit format, will not only help build muscle, it'll help burn fat faster than traditional cardio (which can cause muscle loss), by up to 40%!
  • GET RESULTS IN LESS TIME! A study from the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that 15 minute resistance style workouts like those found in LIVE LEAN 15, helped boast metabolism ust as much as a 35 minute workout.

MAJOR BONUS: For the LIVE LEAN 15 workout, all you need is your bodyweight and a 6 x 6 foot space. You can do it at home. You can do it outside. You can do it at the gym. You can do it anywhere! It's that convenient. It's that simple. And most importantly, it will help you get INCREDIBLE RESULTS!

You'll Receive:

7 Never Been Seen Before LIVE LEAN 15 Workouts & Workout Schedule. Follow The Workout Schedule To Get Your Head Turning, Amazing Results.

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Your Instructor

Brad Gouthro
Brad Gouthro

I'm a former shy, awkward, and skinny dude turned health and fitness entrepreneur. My world completely changed when I used fitness to transform my life inside and outside of the gym. I now show hundreds of thousands of "Live Leaners" how to do it too through my popular YouTube show, Live Lean TV. Oh yeah, I was also named one of the top 50 hottest trainers in America and have been seen in:

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